Thursday, June 22, 2006

Chapter Two

As he entered the box his eyes met Miss Welland's, and he saw that she had instantly understood his motive, though the family dignity which both considered so high a virtue would not permit her to tell him so.

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Nad said...

Brenda, thank you so much for reading the book to us- it is one of the novels that I kept wanting to read- and shame on me, I am an English teacher and so far..... I haven't. Thanks for creating it as an audiobook- makes the commute to work soooooo much nicer!!!!
Thank you!

Julie said...

Urk. I'm getting chapter 1 again. Is the link correct?

Kukkurovaca said...

Try this:

Brenda Dayne said...

I'm so sorry about the file name! In my haste to get Chapter Two up and running before my busy day on Friday, I forgot to change that one little detail. Oops.

All fixed now! Many thanks for your patience.